Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Billionaires Pledge to Give—But to Whom?

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are lining up the billionaires to give to charity. The gifts will be significant—and undoubtedly will help humankind.

But which charities will receive these new-found billions of gifts? Christ-centered charities? Most of the gifts will go to education, the arts, and so on. While some of the new giving will find its way to the Christ-centered word, it will remain the responsibility of believers to give generously to causes to fulfill the Great Commission.

In Bob Buford’s last newsletter, he shares good news about giving. His encouragement is “mirrored by Pamela Hawley, a bright young person who is Founder and CEO of Universal Giving, who said, ‘I can see the fear if I want to. And yet, I am resolutely encouraged.

'Giving is being pushed down. It is no longer about the 50-year old who has it made and wants to give back. Giving is taking place at the age of 10. College students are using their spring vacation to build homes. Media stations are using their news stations to get people involved.

'Good people, good things, good partnerships are transpiring. Find them, see them, stoke them, cherish them. And goodness will begin to explode across the world in the most wonderful way. It already is.’”