Monday, August 16, 2010


It generally takes years for a church or a nonprofit organization to gain significant credibility.

(A linchpin in obtaining credibility is accountability—that is where ECFA comes in.)

And yet credibility can be lost or seriously impaired in a very short period of time.

Credibility should be carefully guarded. But even when we are protecting our credibility, it is possible for others to inappropriately borrow it.

In recent weeks, ECFA’s credibility has been borrowed by an individual who alleges to have residential real estate for rent and offers it on a popular website. The imposter purports to be a volunteer for ECFA in Africa.

The problem? This person has no real estate to rent. And, ECFA does not have any volunteers in Africa.

Sadly, we have received reports that individuals have actually transferred funds to this scam artist.

While we have reported this matter to law enforcement authorities, there is little ECFA can do to prevent people from improperly borrowing our credibility.

What is the lesson? Credibility…challenging to obtain…important to maintain…easily lost…easily borrowed.

Always remember credibility’s place in the chain: accountability leads to greater credibility….which leads to more resources for ministry….which enhances our ultimate goal of fulfilling the Great Commission.